August 2008

Another chance to get together, this time with the two classmates we located in the fall of 2007 - Eugene and Carole.

We started off by meeting at Frank & Mary Ellen's  up in Mahopac NY where we spent two days conversing, eating and touring the lake on the "party boat". Carole's son Chris r.e.a.l.l.y.enjoyed the boating










The highlight of the evening meal had to be the Tiramisu that was prepared with an edible version of our LaSalle JHS Class 8-1 photo on it. Never seen anything like it in my life !  









Friday, Eugene and his wife Vickey arrived and partook in the fun and the picture taking.















Saturday AM it was off to the city where Nick and Dennis joined us. First was a picnic in Bryant park where NYC has transformed what was a drug addicts "needle park" into the yuppie "latte and scones" place to be. We then split up as the "shoppers" ( read Susan, Kathy, Margo, Mary Ellen, Carole & Chris) went shopping and the rest of us did the obligatory tour of the old neighborhood.

The "quatro amigos" shot is on Nick's old stoop and the larger group shot is on Kathy's. We gave Paul a tour of 45th Street park while Nick and Frank spotted a drug deal going down (some things just do not change).  We went by Penny Ramirez's house on 43rd and Eugene and Annette actually went upstairs to talk to an old relative who knew her and promised to relay the message to please call Dr. Barrios....we'll see !!














That night Murray & Rita Braunstein joined us for dinner at Kellari Taverna where they treated us like royalty and even gave us complimentary champagne to toast our reunion.

Sunday morning some of us went touring again. We vsited Susan's old building on 52nd and 8th and had a great conversation with the door man and then passed by the Brill building to pay homage to all the great R&R artists of the past who entertained us in our youth [ see new picture under our music tab....]

We had tickets to Jersey Boys which was absolutely great and which Murray and Rita joined us for and then we headed down to the village for dinner at Tio Pepe where some of us had far too many Margaritas.














Monday AM it was back to our regular lives with a few more memories to share with the friends of our youth.


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