After our fall 2007 trip to visit Daphne in Virginia, we came back reinvigorated and ready to find more of our missing classmates.

On Nov 17th Nick and I were on the phone trying more possibilities for Eugene when it struck me that his mother called him Eugenio, not Eugene (his Americanized name). I had tried that before in but not recently in Google. Koop immediately entered the name and NYC and found :

" Dr. Eugenio Barrios,  Director of Admissions, Borough of Manhattan Community College "                                                                                                                                                

......could it be ?? A moment later he found the following picture linked to an event that Eugenio had attended.








There was no doubt about it...we had found him ....we rejoiced for another "find" and prepared to send all our other classmates the good news.

Earlier in October, Stanley had sent out the message:

"My sister Betty came to visit this week and met up with an old JHS 17 classmate she had not seen in quite some time and it turns out she is somehow related to Carole Ng by marriage. She has emailed Carole's brother, Peter, and we are waiting for a reply"
A few days after we found Eugene, Carole responded to a Stanley phone call and another of the missing was found.

So in early February 2008, we took advantage of many of the class being available and set up a Friday night dinner at Ralph's Restaurante on 56th and Ninth. ....So that night Nora and Annette and Frank and Mary Ellen and Stanley and Phil and Eugene and Carole and her husband Wally and son Christopher met for dinner and passed the time retelling stories of the old days. As was the case wth everyone else, they both remembered very specific things that helped the rest of us replace the missing pieces in the tapestry that was our childhood.

Current plan is for both of them to be with us this summer at Frank's on Fairy Island (no, that's not in San Francisco, it's in Upstate NY ! ) more details on Carole on her updated bio page.









part of the gang back together again










Nora, Carole and Annette - Just like the old days !












                           Dr. Barrios








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