To catch up quickly, I worked for two large law firms as a word processor for 26 years.  I was in the World Trade Center for the first bombing, 58 flights of stairs. a long and slow way down.  I was interviewed by some Discovery station and one of  Wally's (my husband) friends told me that he was watching a show on disasters around December 2000 and that I was on (with credits, my name and Brown & Wood, the name of my law firm).  This was in the summer of 2001 and I was going to call some of the Discovery stations to see when it would be rebroadcast, but before I got the chance, 9/11 happened.  Luckily, I was no longer working there, but I never got the chance to see the program. Anyone have connections in the TV industry?  

I got married To Wally Schroeder in September, 1985.  I made my own wedding gown on a borrowed sewing machine, that I couldn't get to stitch properly.  My mother-in-law was sure that I was going to go down the aisle sleeveless, because on the night before, I was still working on the dress.  We moved from Brooklyn to Valley Stream on Long Island.

Christopher arrived 13 years ago. When I was an inner city kid, I never thought that I would turn out to be the soccer mom, with the minivan and belonging to the Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.  Chris  is on the Honor Roll, is the captain of the Junior Varsity Bowling team and is still one of the main goalies for his soccer team.

I quit my job when Chris was 4 months old and now I am a taxi service for Chris.  I got a part time job at the hospital as a switchboard operator working the overnight shift so that I have a flexible schedule.  Wally is a letter carrier and a volunteer fireman.  As a federal employee, his vacations, days off, etc. have to be planned well in advance.  We recently had our basement finished (and this is for Nora Gardner), we have a pool table. 

I cannot believe it as been 45 !





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