Frank Colontonio –( Frankie )


Frankie“Camping in Mahopac as Kids”….. I am sure glad Nicky remembered that on weekends, my parents used to take us on the long journey, 52 miles north of New York City to camp on a piece of property they had purchased in Mahopac.


During the summer before ninth grade at LaSalle, a decision was made to erect a home on our campground site, and move permanently out of our railroad apartment on 43rd between 9th and 10th.


So the group moved on without me. I would miss the ninth grade at LaSalle and start a new life in the sticks of Putnam County.  If you can imagine, I was the “city kid” looking way out of place in a class of new kids that had been together since kindergarten.


Things worked out fine once I was adopted into a new group of kids and then joined the football team. I quickly found out I was pretty fast and didn’t mind getting banged around by bigger kids, both qualities I think I learned growing up in Hell’s Kitchen.


Mahopac is a beautiful Lake community and an easy commute to NYC. I decided to remain in town and 44 years later, I am still here, living on an island on the lake.


2005FaMEI spent quite a few years, after high school, singing in a variety of bands doing the Westchester and Putnam bars and clubs. At one of these gigs I met my wife MaryEllen. It was her 10 year high school reunion, I was the singer in the band they had hired, and you know how those band guys are… The rest is history. We got married and have 3 children, two from my previous marriage and one from MaryEllen’s previous marriage.


I have been working in the telecom industry since 1969 and am currently VP of sales for a large telecom equipment manufacturer.


Meeting back up with the group has been one of the highlights of my 50’s, and yes, Margo Chan’s laugh is still the same. Hoping to find the remaining “kids” from our class to spend the next part of my “Wonder Years” talking about “the time it was” and times yet to come.




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