Kathleen May Keller

Kathy1I met several of my LaSalle classmates featured on this website back in kindergarten, when we all attended PS-51. After my years at La Salle, I attended Julia Richman Country School until my family moved to New Jersey where I graduated from high school in 1966.  After high school, I entered Fairleigh Dickinson University where I majored in Medical Technology and minored in Biochemistry.  I met my husband Paul, a Physics major two years my senior, during my sophomore year in college.  We married in my senior year and moved on to our respective careers.

Shortly thereafter, Paul and I decided to return to school, pursuing graduate degrees in Biophysics at Penn State University.  During my time at Penn State, I focused on radiation biology, more specifically in cellular repair mechanisms induced by UV irradiation.  I received my Masters Degree for this research, and worked as a research associate at Penn State for a few more years.  Once Paul received his Ph.D., the two of us moved on to Rutgers Medical School.  Paul worked as a postdoctoral fellow, and I, as a research associate studying membrane transport systems.  This was the one and only time the two of us worked in the same lab, and our marriage survived!

kathy3With our education finally completed, we settled in Pennsylvania.  Paul began his career as a research scientist with Merck, where he remained for 28 years developing vaccines until his recent retirement. Soon after our relocation, we had the first of our two sons.  I so relished motherhood, I became a stay-at-home mom, much to everyone's astonishment.  This role allowed me to cultivate new interests.  I tutored at the local public schools, taught Sunday school, and volunteered for various charitable organizations.  I also became an avid gardener, designing herb, vegetable, and floral gardens.  Over the years, my love of gardening has expanded into floral design.  I have arranged flowers for many parties and weddings, most recently our eldest son's wedding.

Paul and I now enjoy retirement, which gives us more time for life's pleasures like getting together with our grown sons and seeing my old classmates from LaSalle.




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