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1philAlthough part of the PS-51 gang, Nora and I joined the rest of the group a little late. Koop, Chuck, Frank, Freddie, Eugene, Eddie Gabriel, Kathy, Sheila, Carol, Penny Ramirez, Chuck's cousin Barbara , Donna Neratich and Mary Ellen "Itsy" Williams were already together when Nora and I were skipped a grade to join them in 4th grade. In retrospect, I think the PS-51 teachers knew this was a special group of kids and thankfully wanted Nora and I to be part of it.

So in 1960 ten of us joined the rest of our LaSalle crew, who came from the surrounding neighborhoods, to form class 7-1. The rest of this web site addresses who we were and how we got together. Suffice it to say, I thank Mr B for convincing us that we could be what ever we wanted to be. This may sound trite to some, but recall we, the kids of Hell's Kitchen ,were the historical equivalent of "Le Pouvre de Lyon" ( if you do not know who they were, Google it my friend) . I personally thank Mr. Sacher for making science exciting to me and helping me start the "Young Scientists of America" club. I am still embasassed that Kathy and Sheila won  the science fair project in 8th grade ! Anyway this was one great group of kids to be with during our "wonder years"  Koop and I left the gang after 8th grade to attend Brooklyn Tech.

2philAfter 4 years at Tech I left the city in the summer of 1966 to attend North Carolina State University in Raleigh. By 1970 I had received a BS in Chemistry, had married a local girl my senior year, had driven a Corvair back and forth to NYC smuggling low cost cigarettes to friends and neighbors, had developed a love of ACC basketball and had avoided  Viet Nam by getting > 300 in the televised "bingo machine" draft. I spent part of my honeymoon night watching TV, but you have to give me a break cause it was the night that we walked on the moon.


In 1970, not finding a job, we moved to Bloomington Indiana where 4 years later I had a PhD in Chemistry and a two year old son, Marshall Philip Blair. 74/75 was spent as a Post Doc at the Univ of Deleware (yes, that means I still could not find a job) .

boys1In 1975 I accepted  a research position with Dow Chemical in their Labs outside of Boston. The next 10 years in Holliston, MA were a gereat decade. My second son, Christopher Whitney, was born, we were part of a great group of couples at the First  Congregational Church and on the professional front I moved up to group Leader and moved into the Microelectronics field.


brothers26GarrouIn 1985 I had the opportunity to move back to NC as new business development Mgr for Dow's electronics business. During the next 20 years my boys grew up, I was divorced, I held down several jobs in the Microelectronics business including Chief Scientist and Director of Technology and New Business Development. I was named a fellow of and served as President of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) and the Int Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Component, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT) and received a "Lifetime technical achievement" award from the Fraunhofer Society in Germany. I have been lucky to make many great friends around the globe over these many years.


7philSince 2004 I have been working as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies trying to commercialize new products and startup companies trying to stay alive. Also in 2004 I was blessed by the birth of my granddaughter "Miss Hannah" . I wish for her, that in her youth, she may develop friends  as great as the ones on these pages.  





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