Margo Chan Taylor

MargoAfter graduating from LaSalle, I went on to Performing Arts H.S., where I majored in Drama. Much to my surprise, after my first year, our JHS 17 English teacher, Murray Braunstein, arrived at PA! He is still a friend and mentor to this day.

After Performing Arts, I enrolled in Hunter College, which I attended for two years. I left to marry my H.S. sweetheart, Roger Steinman, and moved to Youngstown, Ohio until 1970, when we moved to California. Roger and I were divorced amicably in 1986.

In California, I attended UCLA as an undergrad English major, graduated in 1973, then went on to obtain an Elementary Teaching Credential in 1974, the same year I started my teaching career.

I got my Master's degree at UCLA in Education in 1977, and an Administrative Credential from Cal State Los Angeles, in 1985. I also completed all coursework for a doctorate at UCLA in Educational Policy Analysis, but did not write my dissertation.

By 1989, I had met the love of my life, Harvey Taylor - that same year, we bought a home in Tarzana, California.

After directing The Primary Language Division for Los Angeles Unified School District, where I had responsibility for every non-English language, other than Spanish, I became an Assistant Principal at Pacoima Elementary School in 1990. We had 1800 students on a year-round schedule, which was a major challenge!

In 1992, I left LAUSD for Santa Monica-Malibu School District, where I was principal of Grant Elementary School.

In January of 1994, Southern California was hit by another major earthquake. Our home was only 3 miles from the epicenter, and was declared a total disaster by the insurance company. It would be another 2 years before we would get a satisfactory settlement from them, which allowed us to move to Santa Fe, NM.

Our life in Santa Fe consists of volunteer work, travel, music, and a wide circle of friends - in other words, the good life!




Being reunited with my friends from JHS 17 has contributed greatly to not only my quality of life, but Harvey's as well - he often marvels at how compatible we, and all of the spouses are. I think we are very lucky to have found each other again!


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