This February saw most of us assemble together at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for our 7th consecutive reunion.


The surprise to most of us was that Frank had arranged for our amigo Freddie Adams to join us for a day. Fred and wife Glen fit right in, joining us for dinner and the subsequent Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons concert. Frankie sure could still hit the high notes (Valli, not Colontonio) . During dinner Shrek showed up uninvited, and when it appeared that he was putting a move on Annette, Nick leapt to the rescue, wrestling down the Shrek-meister and forcing him into submission.

 2009backwithfreddieadams     2009partyingwithFreddie

2009FrankieVallieconcert  2009dinnerwithFreddieandGlen

2009Annettefindshrman 2009nickattacksSchreck

The next day off we were off to the theme park. Once again we had a bit of an altercation when mummy-man tried to abduct Annette. This time Frank and Phil jumped in to save her and Phil could be heard saying "...Frankie you take out the two dudes and I'll grab the girl".  As we left the Mummy area, some of the women seemed to be under a spell as we could hear Carole, Margo and Mary Ellen whispering "..walk like an Egyptian", but thankfully it appeared to wear off as we pulled them further away.

...and of course, the group could not pass up a stoop as a chance for a photo op !


2009walklikeanegyptian 2009kidsonthestoop

On our last day,  we rode the "Men in Black" ride, Margo was selected to participate in a filming, and we had dinner together where we celebrated Nora's recent birthday.   For a minute, just a minute, I thought that was Mr Sulu sitting behind Margo!....Koop looks mesmerized !


2009margoactress 2009NorasBD

Time flew by, we all had a great time and can't wait to get back together again.




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