2006 NYC, Bermuda Cruise:

2006braunsteinsMargo & Harvey and Phil arrived a day early for a dinner with the Braunsteins Saturday night. Nora, Annette,  Stanley & Mae joined them at Paradou Restaurant in the old meat packing district. The food was great and Murray told stories about how he became a teacher by going back to school on the GI bill after WWII to get his education . The next morning everyone met at the Hilton on 53rd and Broadway to take a van to Port Liberty in Bayonne, NJ. The luggage didn't fit, so Harvey had to ride with a suitcase in his lap, the "green card" driver  had no clue where he was going, and his GPS didn't work, so the ride was quite an adventure.





dressup The cruise itself started with a bit of a scare when Annette found out her expired passport wouldn't serve as identification. Luckily, we were there in time for her to take a cab back home, grab her driver's license and return. She made it back with 10 minutes to spare! The sunset leaving the NYC area at dusk was beautiful.  It took a day at sea to arrive in Bermuda where we would meet up with Frank and Mary Ellen who had a wedding to attend in NY on Sunday night. We spent the time eating and talking, and eating and shopping, and did I mention eating? Monday night was the formal dinner. Photographers were, of course, close by to take our picture.  



barsjokingcasualTuesday AM, we met up with Frank and Mary Ellen on the docks...while waiting for them the guys got into trouble which landed them behind bars! .......Nick had time to joke around doing a little "Brokeback Mountain" parody. That night, we toasted Frank and Mary Ellen's  arrival with a cake and Nick presented Frank with a real live "Spaldeen".  More photographs - this time our "casual " look. The photographer initially asked all the women to "...lay down on your bellies and look up..." to which they responded "..yeah right...in your next life, maybe ! " We settled for the shot that is shown.

On day two in the Bahamas while the ladies gathered to go shopping, the guys separated to go exploring. Frank, Nick and Phil missed the ferry back to the docks, but were still in time for .....you guessed it, DINNER! 

Paul asked the waitress for banana cream pie and the picture below shows you what he got! After dinner, everyone attended the ice extravaganza.  On the trip back to NY, we caught the Halloween parade. Unfortunately, the "Hell's Kitchen gang " did not think to bring their trick or treat clothes. Next time we will !




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