2005 October Bahamas Cruise

We left our Miami port with Captain Koop at the helm (now there's a scary thought!)



















Day 1 we landed on Coco Cay Beach. As we unloaded for the shoreline we noticed that we were all looking for the shady areas. (a sign of old age perhaps ?) We also were not adding to the eye candy that was on the beach. After a few hours of shifting around to avoid getting burned we headed back to the boat.  2005cococay2005dressupdinner








Day 2 we docked at Nassau and the ladies began the grand shopping tour. After an hour of that, the guys drifted off and found a pleasant little outdoor bar where they enjoyed an island drink or two.  Night 2 was the formal dinner night as the photo shows.

Let the games begin -  On our last night (tip night) we took advantage of our servers by offering them a special tip for the one who could most closely match us up with our 8-1 class photo (sans names). We warned them that some people were here and some were not and that some spouses were there who were not in the picture. Nicky's "girlfriend" won the cash prize much to the chagrin of the obnoxious head waiter (red jacket) who we never saw all weekend, till he showed up for his tip.









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